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Boundary & Transportation Study

Ensuring equitable opportunities for all

For the first time in more than 30 years, the School District of Lancaster is studying its school boundaries and transportation patterns. The goals of this comprehensive study are:

  1. Ensure current district systems are meeting current district needs
  2. Plan for the future effectively by projecting district trends and needs
  3. Ensure equitable opportunities for SDoL students

The process is guided by a task force comprised of community leaders, parents, and staff members. We have commissioned WXY Studio of New York City to assist the task force in analyzing our data and developing scenarios that meet the needs of students and align to community priorities. The task force will bring a non-binding recommendation to the SDoL school board on or around January 2020. If approved by the board, the plan would go into effect for the 2021-2022 school year.

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In September, the district hosted a series of community meetings. At these meetings, we presented a series of priorities for parents and community members to consider:

  • Maintaining the current system (no changes to school boundaries)
  • Balancing class size
  • Ensuring walkability and bringing Pre-K to every elementary school
  • Creating an elementary to middle school feeder system
  • Improving access to dual language programming

In November, the task force met to review two refined boundary options, derived from the feedback received at community meetings, task force meetings, and through ThoughtExchange. The refined options presented are:

  • Balance Class Size & Walkability
  • Elementary to Middle School Feeder