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All confirmed cases of COVID-19 in SDoL schools are tallied on a public dashboard. Click the link below to view.

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SDoL now accepting nominations to rename schools

The School District of Lancaster is accepting nominations to rename two of its schools: Southeast (formerly Hand) Middle School and Buchanan Elementary School, which is being replaced with a new building under construction.

The Name Recommendation Committee identified criteria for which a nomination for a name for a school in SDoL will be considered. Names to be considered must fall into one of three categories: a person, a place/site, or an idea/concept. Names should be representative of the district, including its rich diversity, be clearly relevant to the district, and inspiring to today’s citizens. The committee places special emphasis on excellence in leadership or education and values representative of SDoL.

The Committee will not consider names that are duplicative or sound like existing names, are not considered exemplary or inspiring, are intended to create a new school naming system (e.g. naming schools by numbers) or are intended to ridicule or embarrass SDoL.

Please complete the form below to make a nomination by 5 p.m. on January 27, 2021. The committee will select leading candidates to make a presentation defending their nomination.

School Name Nominations

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