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SDoL to pivot to virtual learning for elementary students beginning Nov. 30

The School District of Lancaster will return students to fully virtual learning from Thanksgiving through the end of the second marking period. The school board voted to shift elementary students back to four days of virtual learning over the holidays.

Beginning Nov. 30, all students will have four days of synchronous online instruction each week, excluding the winter break.

“We are faced with the responsibility of being a public health institution,” board president Edith Gallagher said. “It’s time for us to flatten the curve again. My hope is that, after the new year, we will have convinced our community and we will begin to flatten that curve, and we will start bringing our students back.”

The motion called for students to return to blended instruction on Jan. 25 at this time.

The change affects all students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade who returned to blended in-person instruction in the fall. The district is still determining what in-person instruction it is able to offer to special education students who returned to the classroom in September. These families will be notified when details are finalized.