Together we can

Welcome to the School District of Lancaster!

Our goal is to make your transition to our school community as easy as possible. Enrollment in our schools, for all grades, is done in person at our Enrollment Center, located at 251 S. Prince St, 3rd Floor North. (If you are facing the Carter & MacRae building, the entrance will be located to your left.)  Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The enrollment process takes approximately 30 minutes per student to complete.

Enrollment Registration

Please complete the form below to begin the registration process for your child(ren). After submission, we will contact you to schedule an enrollment appointment. Thank you!

Required Documents

We will need the following documents in order to enroll your child:

  • Proof of birth for your child (birth certificate, baptismal certificate, or passport)
  • Copy of your child’s immunization record
  • Proof of residency (e.g. mortgage, lease, current utility bill dated within past 30 days)
  • Name, address, and telephone number of prior school, if applicable
  • Withdrawal Form/Transcript from prior school
  • IEP, if applicable
  • If student is not residing with biological parent then we will need one of the following:

The following forms may be printed and completed prior to visiting the Enrollment Center:

  • Student Information Form

  • Academic Support Data Collection Application

    The School District of Lancaster is required to collect specific data for all households in its boundaries that have school-aged children. It is important that a member of each household complete the application so that the District can collect this information.

  • Aplicación de Recolección de Información de Apoyo Académico

    El Distrito Escolar de Lancaster está obligado a colectar específica información todos los hogares que pertenecen al área del distrito y que tienen niños de edad escolar. Es muy importante que un miembro de cada hogar complete la aplicación para que el distrito pueda recolectar esta información.