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How to obtain working papers

Working permits are processed year round, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., at both the J.P. McCaskey High School and McCaskey East main office, on days the District is open. Applicants and/or their parents/guardians should call 717-291-6211 before beginning the application process or they can email

  1. Working papers (working permits) are legal documents that give students the privilege of working in accordance with State child labor laws.
  2. The State gives the School District of Lancaster (SDoL) the authority to administer working permits ONLY to students who reside within the SDoL jurisdiction and then according to SDoL policies and/or procedures.
  3. Working permit business shall not interfere with SDoL students’ scheduled classes. Students who are enrolled in a school other than an SDoL school may apply during regular working permit service hours.
  4. Working permits are issued only to students 14 through 17 years of age, including those who have been expelled or withdrawn. Students 18 years old or older are not required to have working permits.
  5. The first time a working permit application is begun in this district, the parent/guardian must be present with the following documents:
    • Student’s birth certificate, baptismal certificate, or passport
    • Proof of residence (a current PPL or UGI bill, or lease with the parent/guardian’s name)
    • Parent/Guardian driver’s license or State photo ID card
    • Parent must bring the student if the student does not attend an SDoL school, and bring documentation of enrollment in school or home school documentation. Parent/guardians who cannot be present for the first application may designate another adult who must present a notarized letter authorizing their representation.
  6. Once the sections of the work permit application have been completed by the student’s employer, the student may return without the parent/guardian to the SDoL work permit office. The student must return every completed application in person. Applications may not be returned in the mail or by another party. The student must wait to sign the application in the presence of the issuing officer.
  7. After receiving the first working permit, the student may apply for a transferable working permit (for another employer) without a parent/guardian present. Students may pick up paperwork with an ID.
  8. The student’s address is verified and updated each time a transferable working permit is issued.
  9. All students will receive the blue card work permit.  If an employee get terminated, we usually get a letter from the employers.  No need to change permit.
  10. After the student turns 18 years old, the papers are moved from the active files to the inactive files. All working papers must be kept on file until a student turns 21 years old.