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Theater Education in SDoL

Developing our children’s skills in acting, feeling, thinking, creating, and performing including developing their actors’ voice.

In the School District of Lancaster, we believe that The Arts teach skills that can be taught and learned; it is not just about aptitude or talent.  Therefore, we focus on:

  • Creativity
  • Spontaneity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving

Our students benefit from high school theater arts courses and many co-curricular opportunities across SDoL.  We believe that the arts are an essential part of life, that the arts teach that there are many ways to see and interpret the world, and that student learning is demonstrated though practical application and knowledge utilization through a variety of projects, performances, and presentations.

Our High School Curricular Theater Arts Program

Students enroll in our high school Theater Arts classes are learning to find and development their voice as actors and performers.  Our theater courses include technique courses, where student use movement and voice to help students acquire and hone stage-worthy skills. Students perform for others including solo improvisations and theater games. As they progress, students learn to improve voice and posture, to increase concentration and recall, to follow stage directions, to relax, to focus energy, and to act spontaneously in given situations.  Students also develop skills in the analysis of plays through scene studies and other projects as they work to identify playwrights’ intentions.

Students in the Movement in Theater course learn the dance basics including jazz, ballet, tap, acting, hip-hop, and modern dance. Students learn basic terminology in each genre and study specific choreographers and their methods. Students become familiar with warm-ups, choreography, combinations, barre techniques, and across the floor drills specific to each genre.

Co-Curricular Theater Arts throughout SDoL’s Elementary and Middle Schools

Many schools in SDoL offer students opportunities to participate in theater arts as part of school day programs or co-curricular programs. From class plays and reading scripts to full-staged musicals, students have opportunities to develop theater skills at various times during their years in SDoL.  Please see school calendars for public performances of plays and musicals at these levels.  Tickets, when required for elementary and middle school shows, are available through the school office.