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Fostering Positive School Climate

The School District of Lancaster is committed to providing a safe, secure and orderly learning environment for our students, teachers and staff. The purpose of the School Resource Officer (SRO) Program is to promote school safety by building a positive school climate in which everyone feels safe and students are encouraged to succeed.

A primary role SROs fulfill is fostering a positive school climate through relationship-building and crime prevention. SROs engage in various activities to build a school culture of open communication and trust between and among students and adults by focusing on officers getting to know students at


the school, serving as a role model, and working with teachers and administrators to identify students who may be facing challenges and need additional resources or attention to be successful in school.

SROs participate in the school community by becoming a member of the educational team where appropriate, and by representing the law enforcement community to build positive relationships with youth, their families, and school staff. Whether talking to students in the hallway or delivering a presentation in the classroom, SROs are embedded in the education fabric within the school.

Goals of the SRO Program

1. To ensure a safe learning environment for all children and adults who enter the building.
2. To prevent and reduce potential harm related to incidents of school violence.
3. To foster a positive school climate based on respect for all children and adults in the school.
4. To create partnerships with behavioral health and other care providers in the community for student and family referral.