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Together we can

The link between family, school and student

The School District of Lancaster understands that students and families often face barriers that can inhibit success in school. That’s why the district has a team of 20 Student & Family Resource Specialists (SFRS), all of whom are licensed social workers or professional counselors, to help make sure every child in SDoL has what they need to be the best they can be.

If you or someone you know could benefit from the support of an SFRS, contact an SDoL school and ask to be connected to the Student and Family Resource Specialist.

How an SFRS can help your family

Individual supports

An SFRS can provide a range of supports for children, from periodic check-ins to specialized therapy, depending on what individual children need.

Group support

An SFRS also meets with students in small groups based on shared needs.

Parent contact

SDoL recognizes that easing burdens on families can allow students to concentrate on school, rather than pressures at home. Sometimes, an SFRS will contact parents to learn more about what, if any, barriers to learning students are facing outside of the classroom.

Home visits

Time spent with families in their homes can help an SFRS understand their unique challenges and devise plans to help overcome them.

Community referrals

As School Social Workers and Licensed Professional Counselors, the SFRS can direct students and their families to other community agencies that can help with some of these family issues, like mental health, nutrition, job searches, income support and addiction.

Agency transition

An SFRS will help students who may spend time in a specialized program, such as the Buehrle Alternative School, transition into the new program and, when appropriate, transition back into their home schools.

What to know about working with an SFRS

They serve entire families. These professionals are not just in the schools to meet student needs. They want to know your personal and family goals. They are here to make your entire family a success!

Their work is confidential. An SFRS is either a licensed social worker bound by the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics or a licensed professional counselor bound by the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics and adheres to a code of ethics that includes guidelines on confidentiality. Typically, an SFRS will not share the substance of their conversations with students and families with anyone else—including other school personnel.

They can support students to attend school regularly. Issues at home can become a major barrier to students’ attendance at school. An SFRS can address those barriers and reassure students that it is ok to be in school. That can go a long way toward helping a child succeed.

Contact the SFRS at your child's school

Make a confidential request to speak with the Student & Family Resource Specialist about your family's needs.

  • Please explain in what way you would like assistance from your child's SFRS.