SDoL Back to School 2020 Plan

The School District of Lancaster board of directors approved a preliminary phased reopening plan for schools, beginning Aug. 24. The plan is not intended to be comprehensive; it outlines the general schedules, modifications and protocols based on health guidelines.

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Phoenix Academy

Executive Director:   Megan Misnik

Principal: Mrs. Darina Stover

Hours: 7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Phoenix Academy dismisses at 12:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month.

Phone: 717.735.7860

Fax: 717.399.3948

Address: 630 Rockland Street
Lancaster, PA 17602

A flexible learning environment

The Phoenix Academy family pledges to overcome obstacles, discover individual potential, and establish goals for the future in a rigorous academic environment. Through an intensive remedial program (focus on math and literacy skill development and growth) for students in grades 7-8 coupled with an accelerated credit recovery program for students in grades 9-12, our students spread their wings and reach their fullest potential!

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More Cyber Pathways Academy answers from the July 24 Q&A

Administrators and counselors from SDoL’s Cyber Pathways Academy hosted an info session on July 22, during which a panel answered 100 questions from the audience.

The Q&A is provided below. Use the search tool to find specific answers to questions you may have. Please note: These questions were submitted by viewers and answered rapidly by staff. Please forgive spelling or grammatical errors!

You can also view recordings of the presentations here:


How will I know if my girls get accepted?Please complete the interest survey online at
We will then send you an application to complete and return. We will follow up with interviews and enrollment in August. We will contact you once applications are completed, and we suggest student applications are returned by August 10th to be eligible to start the school year in Cyber Pathways Academy
What if I already turned in an application?ok thank you for your interest. to prepare for being ready to start cyber please make sure you have internet connection in the home and an adult/guardian will need to be home during the school day to serve as the learning coach/support student in his/her learning. While the coursework is available 24/7 for students that want to advance in their studies, the expectations is that students log on during the day when teachers are available to help, live sessions occur for elementary, and daily attendance is taken.
Is the program adaptable for children with special needs, such as autism?Cyber Pathways Academy yes does support students with IEP's. Depending on specific needs any student with an IEP will have a meeting with casemanager and cyber special education support teacher to determine best academic plan to meet students learning needs.
Besides helping to keep money within the school district and keeping some connection with the school district, what makes Cyber Pathways better than some of the other cyber programs offered such as Agora, PA Cyber, and any of the other cyber programs?Good Question! Remaining with the School District of Lancaster’s Cyber Pathways Academy allows students to remain ACTIVE in the school district versus those who leave the district become inactive and lose benefits of being an SDoL student. Cyber Pathways Academy students ARE district students. Therefore, students and parents would easily work with SDoL CPA academic advisors to get involved in the sport, band or club of choice. If there is an academic qualifier or try-out required, students would follow guidelines for participation. Also graduates with Cyber Pathways Academy earn the McCaskey diploma and participate in other graduation ceremonies/activities like bricks-n-mortar students.
Is there another application aside from the one I sent in with the internet bill?No, that is the only application. We will hold individual and group interviews to begin enrollment in August.
Will CPA students still be required to participate in National History Day, and STEM fair?Cyber students are still tied to their home buildings so they CAN participate in special days at their school like career fairs or field trips, etc, but since Cyber Pathways Academy is a complete replacement program -no they will not be required to participate in very specific projects/events that relates to classrooms/teacher hosted. They will have their own projects/assignments/assessments within the cyber courses.
After having your child work within the Cyber Pathways Program, can a parent move them back into the brick and mortar school when they feel it is necessary?Yes, students may transition back at the beginning of a marking period.
For special education students, how does Cyber Pathways address their needs?This was answered previously, but yes we can support students with IEP's and the casemanager/team meets to discuss if/how cyber can support the student's learning needs.
Can special education students receive a merged model where they can be given regular in-person direct instruction for their special education needs and then work with the Cyber Pathways Program for their regular education curriculum?Only high school students can have a blended schedule of some high school McCaskey courses and some cyber courses. Elementary and Middle school students enrolled in cyber receive a complete replacement program not a merged model.
Can students enrolled in the Cyber Pathways Program receive teletherapy for Speech and Language Supports?Students who receive S&L supports would still be able to receive those supports and teletheapy is an option.
Can students enrolled in the Cyber Pathways Program receive in-person Speech and Language Supports if they have speech and language needs?Yes students can still access services or play an instrument or be on a team. They access those services only in the home building not at cyber hubs.
How realistic is it to be the learning coach of a k5 student if the parent is also working from home?If a parent works another responsible adult will need to assume the role of learning coach as a K5 student can not realistically complete the work alone. Be a learning coach for elementary students is a very involved role for student academic success.
Does the Cyber Pathways Program provide programming for Gifted students?If enrolled, your advisor would work with the special education team to discuss and implement the specifics of your child's GIEP.
Can students enrolled in the Cyber Pathways Program receive in-person Gifted Support Services?this was answered live regarding specific family IEP questions will need to be addressed at the interview meeting with special education team. thank you .
Are you syaing they cannot transfer back in the mist of a quarter?At this time, it is strongly reccomended that they transfer at the beginning of a marking period. This allows for students to complete the programming and required assessments in their online programming before starting back at the brick and mortar school. Once enrolled in cyber the goal is to remain for the year, but if a change is necessary it is only done around change of marking periods so work is not lost and minimal disruption to learning.
How can I register my daughters ? Any phone # I can call please?You can call 717.391.8653 or complete the interest form on the website. We will send an application to you:
Can student with Specific Learning Disabilities recieve direct instruction in their specific need area, such as reading instruction that the Cyber Pathways Program would not be offering?this was answered live regarding specific family IEP questions will need to be addressed at the interview meeting with special education team. thank you .
How do I actually sign my child up?complete interest survey here and then you will recieve a response to complete an application. that will be followed up by interviews in August:
What are the expected hours the student should be online?The amount of time spent online can vary by day and by lesson, but the program replicates a typical school day, so students should be prepared to work during those hours with breaks.
Where will the link be hosted for the recording of the webinar video for review? Could not find any link for the first video anywhere.Links to recordings of the previous inforomation sessions are here:
Will all SDOL “6th/7th/8th” students get same learning content? In other words, will Martin students have classes or interactions with the other SDOL middle school students?
How much student to student interaction will occur?
Each grade level receives course work appropriate to the grade and once enrolled in cyber students have minimal interactions with middle school students in the building as it's a complete replacement program not supplemental to the classroom teacher's curriculum.
What in the Cyber Pathways Program makes in better in terms of instructional format and specific to the curriculum compared to the other cyber program available to the public?curriculum coordinators for over 100+ schools as a part of the IU's selected vendors for the districts' cyber academies that are based on 52 quality standards for content, instructional design, student assessment, technology, and course evaluation and support. This is reviewed regularly to be sure we meet the students' needs best with the vendors/insturctional curriculum provided.
What are the marking peried end dates?October 28, January 15 and March 26
Wsa the program up and running for middle school last year?We have had a cyber program for students in grades 6-12 since 2012.
Can students enrolled in the Cyber Pathways Program still recieve Occupational Therapy Services?Yes.
Can we see a sample week of lessons before we make our decision to see if as a working parent we can make it work with our student?In the powerpoint presentation was a sample day. lessons vary and time spent is dependent upon several factors but in general students are expected to complete the work throughout the school day. We realize this is a challenge faced for working parents. A responsible adult does need to serve as the learning coach in the home during the school day.
I filled out the interest form online but I haven’t been e mailed a application how can I actually sign my child up?The cyber team is working to respond to inquiries as quickly as possible. You should receive an application from us in another day or two. If you have not received an application by next week, pleases contact us at
With so many parents needing and having to work full-time; are they expected to be there with the student full-time as well?if a parent works another responsible adult will need to serve as the a role of learning coach to support the student's learning in the home during the school day.
Are there exceptions to the marking period transitions in the case of home situation changes? For example, I’m currently furloughed from my job and able to help during the normal planned school day, but if I’m called back to work, that’s going to create a hardship on the school plan.We want families to understand the recommended process. Exceptions due to need are always possible. Your child's counselor will work with you in those cases.
While a student is enrolled in Cyber Pathways, if a parent would like an evaluation conducted to examine whether their child has some form of disability, how does a parent request this evaluation to occur?Yes this would be the same as traditional request in the building.
How long has Cyber Pathways Academy existed?SDoL's cyber program has existed for students in grades 6-12 since the 2012-2013 school year. This year is the first year for grades K-5; however, the academic platform is not new.
One of my daughter is part of the gifted class, will you keep that program?If your child enrolls in Cyber Pathways, your advisor would work with you and the special education team to address your child's GIEP. They would still be able to attend field trips with the other students who receive gifted services in the buildings.
It seems like it’s taking forever for you guys to send out the application.We apologize for the delay. There has been an overwhelming amount of inquiries. We have automated the response, so new applicants should receive the forms in minutes.
Is it possible to apply for the Pathways Academy if we have already completed the survey indicating our child would like to return to campus? Is it possible to change our decision and if so, how is this completed?Yes, your responses in the schedule preference form is non-binding. You may complete the interest form or contact the cyber office directly:
Since elementary and middle school students cannot have a merged programming between Cyber Pathways and the brick and mortar school, how would special education student be supported?the special education team works closely with the special education support teacher in cyber to determine best academic plan for students with IEP's.
Besides teletherapy with a speech therapist, would students enrolled in Cyber Pathways be able to recieve live instruction via Zoom or some other format?yes we offer zoom, phone, email, and face-to-face options for academic support to students. students who recieve special education services the details of service would be communicated by the provider.
My student was often reading above grade level last year (1st grade), does the Cyber Pathway adapt to the student's abilties?Part of the parent role as learning coach will be helping the child choose independent reading material that is just right
I apologize, I had another meeting and hopped on late. So this is still a good option for a Kindergarten student. or geared to older?Kindergarten students are welcome! The difference is the level of support from an adult to support students in their learning.
Not net received a responsde from the first inquiry.Please email tocheck the status of your inquiry.
can de have this meeting in spanish.. so we understand the right things to do. like my self my english is not the goodPuede ver esta presentación en español en nuestro sitio web:
Are we able to see a weeks worth of lesson plans so we know what activities we’d need to “bring to life.”Yes the parent will have access to the learning coach support site. Inside evey course there is a resource module, which has sections for the learning coach to learn more about their role as well as how to navigate through the platform
If brick and mortar schools do not open at the currently scheduled date, would the Cyber Pathways Program still start on the origninal starting date?At this point, we do anticipate Cyber students will return to school Aug. 24, whether or not the governor permits in-person instruction in brick-and-mortar schools.
Can you speak more specifically to the online learning that would occur if students return to the physical building?Classroom teachers are still developing their lesson plans for our hybrid schedule. At home learning will support and enrich the classroom instruction, as teachers will be in-person teaching their other cohorts of students on the opposite days/times.
Can we have our child start their day at any time (say 11:00 am) compared to the normal school start time?There is some flexibility as some students may master subject content more quickly than others. The general timeframe is 8-3.
If the governor closes the brick and mortar schools BEFORE the school year begins, but after we’ve registered for Cyber Pathways, can we move them back to the virtual learning program instead?You can. However, consider how comfortable you will be returning your children to in-person instruction when the governor permits it. Transferring to Cyber whenever that occurs would be a larger academic disruption for a student.
To clarify, cyber pathway students would be given a computer to use to complete their schoolwork?All SDoL students will have an iPad. Home devices can be used as well if you prefer.
How we know we are doing the right decisión for our kids?This is a very tough question that every parent has to make. We may never know what is "right". Make the decision that your gut tells you to make and know that SDOL will support you and your children regardless of the path they choose.
Which cyber or in school learning is better educational?One is not necessarily better than another, they are just different modes for students to access curriculum. For students that want a virual environment Cyber Pathways Academy is a good/complete program. It can feel isolating to some students always working from home and minimal interactions with peers, so that is a reason why other students might prefer to remain in the classroom.
It would be very helpful if you developed a sort of menu that would suggest what could be done to support special education students with the Cyber Pathways Program with recommendations broadly addressing needs for reading, writing, math?Thank you for this suggestion! The cyber advisor and special education teams work closely with families to develop supports specific to the child's needs, as outlined in their IEP.
So this is an option mainly for stay at home parernts?Being a virtual student through cyber pathways academy is for any family that can have a responsible adult serve as the learning coach at home during the school day. Students can not be left alone unsupervised, as especially in elementary the role of learning coach is very involved. This is not just with our district's cyber academy but the same for any outside cyber school.
Hello. What is the start and end time for a high school student?For high school we usually say 45mins- 1 hour per class/per day. Most students have 6-7 courses just like McCaskey students. Typically 8-3 window is the school day for cyber pathways academy. students can work additionally if they'd like to accelerate.
What if there is only one parent in the home? Parent has to work but can be fully involved when they get home from work?this was answered live. a learning coach needs to support student in the home during the school day for optimal learning/success.
What if there is only one adult for that child or those children?One adult can serve as the learning coach to more than one student.
If both parents work and are uncomfortable sending to In person how can our student find success?We understand families are still trying to determine childcare. Please note that in order for students to be successful in cyber they need that supportive role of a learning coach in the home during the school day.
I apologize I wasn’t clear, will all 8th or 6th grade etc cyber students in the district as a whole have the same content? Same teachers? How much student to student interaction will occur within cyber Pathways?Cyber Pathways is a different program, with different lessons and teachers. All teachers cover eligible content in the state standards, but deliver it differently. There is minimal student interaction online. Students somtimes interact at the in-person hubs, but it is not required.
Will all school work be done on a screen? We are concerned about screen time and young childrenfor young children there is supplemental material & activities to accompany the screen time. That's why i want to stress that the role of the parent/responsible adult serving as the learning coach is very involved for elementary students.
My husband and I have off three days a week total and she goes to preschool the other two days. Can we do the two days we would be at work on the weekend with her?Cyber Pathways Academy does not service K4. This is only for Kindergarten-12th grade. Students are expected to log in on a consisitent, daily schedule. Elementary students do have live sessions with their teacher so students will need to meet that requirement.
I joined late sorry. I had other obligations. Will this be done strictly at home or is this in the school building? My understanding was that we helped coach our child/children in the home.Yes, Cyber Pathways curriculum is delivered exclusively online. The only in-person experiences your child may have is check-ins or academic support sessions with Cyber academic advisors at one of the hubs in the district.
are student required to be logged on at a certain time, example 9am-3pm? or can they log on whenever during the day as long as work is completed that day?Yes during the timeframe 8-3 they need to log in and consistently complete assignments. also yes they may finish early some days and may go a little longer other days. It depends on the student mastery of subject matter and how involved the lessons are for the day (meaning are they working on a daily lesson/module or reading a novel or taking an exam).
Thanks for all of your hard work in this crazy season! It is appreciated!Thank you! Very much appreciated!
If you/your child become ill, will late work be accepted to work around illness?Just like in a traditional school setting, we understand that children can get sick. We realize in the Covid era, that family members who support online learners could be ill. We will work with families in these situations!
My kids have always been in private school I have an appointment today to enroll them into SDOL , I have not received any response into Cyber , is it because they are not enrolled in SDOL?Please email for the status of your inquiry. You will need to complete the enrollment process with the district to enroll in Cyber Pathways Academy.
How can we access the recorded sessions?We will post today's session and Monday's session our website today and follow up with an email link to all families who completed the interest form. Apologies from the communications office for the delay!
704562 (You): What if there is only one parent in the home? The Parent has to work, but can be fully involved when they get home from work? Can this work?The learning coach will need to serve that role during the school day. Students can accelerate in evenings and weekends.
Do families find the curriculum fairly easy to follow? Are there online coaches to chat with when we need help with assignments? This is free cyber school or is there a tuition fee?There is a resource center for families to support with the grade level content. You would also have access to an advisor through SDOL that would also provide support. This program is part of SDOL and there is no cost to enroll.
My daughter is a senior this year! Only needs 1 credit and also has early childhood that she needs to complete. Last year she did cyber. Would I need to enroll her again in cyber?we do request an application each year, but she may already be fine. Please follow up with her campus counselor to double check we have her set up as you expect. I think I know who you are referring to and the answer would be yes but to be sure you should follow up with email since this is a specific student question and not needed for general response. thank you!
So If I had orginally checked the return to school box on the form, I can resubmit for cyber, or is there something else I need to do after thinking it over before Aug.?You still have time to have these conversations and think more about the options. Please contact the school building and/or complete the inquiry for Cyber Pathways Academy and we would be in touch.
Because I can’t flip back, is the sample day posted anywhere else?Yes, this is available through the website:
Would a middle school schedule be similar to the highschool? Typically 8-3?yes
How much school work will be done on a screen versus other methods?younger students have more alternative activities/supplemental material besides screen time, but middle and high school all the work is mostly screen time in various ways of learning. You can expect screen time more in cyber than the traditional classroom setting.
How do we work out classes such as gym, music and art for out students?yes we offer these classes in cyber as well. students can play an instrument in the school if parent is ok going to building for lessons. high school students can take these classes in the building with a blended schedule.
I think what the district didn't take into consideration was that a lot of us are single parents/working parents with full-time jobs; how can we coach if we have to work? Can we come to a happy medium?We understand families are still trying to determine best plans for childcare for families who work. If you choose cyber pathways academy (or any other cyber school) the expectation is that the student is supported in the home for optimal learning, and when teachers are on supporting students. Unfortunately, that's why it can't be all saved for the evenings and weekends.
What is a typical success rate for students if this is their first year in cyber academy? Do you find many families having to choose to go back to brick and mortar in the year?Good Question! Cyber Pathways Academy is often a great option for families and most students are successful. It's different than the classroom so their is a learning curve in understanding how to be more of an independent learning. Most students remain in cyber and accomplish their goals/get good grades, but some decide it's not for them and transition back to the classroom where they have opportunities more to collaborate with peers and direct, daily teacher instruction.


Message from Administration

Megan Misnik and Darina Stover / Phoenix Academy

On behalf of our staff at Phoenix Academy, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our school website.  As the executive director, I am honored to be part of this incredible team that is committed to working together to provide the best education they can for the students that attend here.  This is accomplished through our focus on creating an academically rigorous learning environment that promotes college and career goals through our accelerated standards-driven curriculum and student-centered instruction.  We are proud to share that we earned Middle States Accreditation (2014) as well as PBIS Tier 1(2017) and Tier 2 (2018) Fidelity.  We are currently working towards Tier 3 Fidelity for 2019.