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Together we can

Early Literacy at Home

Reading with your child at home helps develop their reading, comprehension and language skills as well as encourages a positive attitude toward literacy.  Engaging in activities at home is important for your child’s literacy development, which is the foundation to all other learning.

Try some of these activities at home with your preschooler to enhance their curiosity and literacy skills:

  • Read to, and with, your child
  • Make a shopping list
  • Practice fine motor skills (painting, drawing, legos, playdough)
  • Listen to stories
  • Play with puppets
  • Write a letter together
  • Label items around your home
  • Play board games and talk about what you are doing
  • Sing songs
  • Visit the library
  • Recite nursery rhymes
  • Look at picture books together and talk about what you see

Celebrate your family's language!

If your family speaks a language other than English at home, continue to speak and read to your child in this language!  All young children, with adequate exposure to two languages, are able to acquire full competence in both languages.  Research has found that early bilingualism has benefits such as improved academic outcomes in school as well as enhanced cognitive skills such as executive functioning.