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Real Estate Taxes

Local real estate taxes represent 40 percent of the School District of Lancaster’s budget, nearly $90 million. All tax payments are processed by Berkheimer Tax Administrators. Payments may be made at Fulton Bank with the original tax bill, by credit card, by e-check or online.

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Tax Information

  • 2020-2021 Millage Rate – 22.2824
  • 2019 Homestead Exclusion – $448.82

All unpaid real estate taxes for the 2019-2020 school year have been turned over to Tax Claim. If you have questions, please contact Tax Claim Bureau at (717) 299-8232.

Homeowner Tax Relief

Act 1 of 2006 (formerly Act 72) is the Homeowner Tax Relief Act. Its goal is to reduce school district reliance on the real property tax, to be achieved by putting in place new funding options, including local personal or earned income taxes and funds derived from gaming. The reduction in property taxes is achieved by applying these new funds to the homestead and farmstead exclusions.

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Homestead Instructions

Real Estate Tax Frequently Asked Questions

When will Real Estate Tax Bills be mailed?

Tax bills are mailed the beginning of July every year.

When are Real Estate Taxes due?

  • Discount – August 31
  • Base – October 31
  • Penalty – December 31
  • Installments – 1/3 of Base – August 15, October 15, December 15. The first installment must be paid on or before the due date to be eligible for the installment plan.

The US Postal Postmark date will determine the date paid. There are no exceptions. Late postmarks will be returned.

Who should check be made payable to?

Checks must be made payable to School District of Lancaster.

What do I do if I do not have the bill?

You may call Berkheimer Associates at 610-599-3143 or 1-866-300-1714 to obtain the correct tax amount and the bill number and mail your check to:

Berkheimer Associates
Tax Department
PO Box 912
Bangor, PA 18013

If you have the original bill, enclose both the check and corresponding stub in the self
addressed envelope provided. If a receipt is needed, enclose a self-addressed
stamped envelope with payment.

Can I pay my Real Estate Tax bill by credit card?

Yes. See online payment instructions.

Does SDoL mail a copy of the bill to my mortgage company?

No. The bills are mailed to you and it is your responsibility to forward the bill to your mortgage company. Tax information is provided to 3rd party tax services. Contact your mortgage company to see if they receive the information electronically.

Whom do I contact regarding name or address changes on my Real Estate Tax bill?

Lancaster County Assessment Office at 717-299-8385.

If I have questions or disagree with my assessed value, who should I contact?

Lancaster County Assessment Office at 717-299-8385.

When will the taxes become delinquent?

The deadline to pay your taxes is December 31.

Whom should I contact if my taxes are delinquent?

Lancaster County Tax Claim Bureau at 717-299-8232.

If I am a senior citizen, disabled, widow or widower, is there any tax relief for me?

Contact the Office of Aging at 717-299-7979 to receive information about the Property Tax Assistance Program.

How do I obtain a Homestead/Farmstead Application?

Click here

Where do I mail my Homestead/Farmstead Application?

Mail the completed application to:

Lancaster County Assessment Office
150 N. Queen Street
Lancaster, PA 17602

The deadline for completion is March 1.

Must I apply for the Homestead/Farmstead Reduction every year?

No. The approved application is good for as long as you own your
property. If you sell your home and purchase another, you will need to reapply for reduction on your new property.

Nonprofit and Government Support

The following agencies provided a payment in lieu of taxes in any of the last five fiscal years:

James Street Mennonite Church, 323 W. James Street

Jaycee Housing Development Corporation Inc., 4-6 W. King Street, Suite 4

Duke Manor Partnership, 716 Rockland Street

Water Street Ministries, 210 S. Prince Street

Lancaster General Hospital, 555 N. Duke Street

St. John’s Episcopal Church, 321 W. Chestnut Street

Lancaster House South, 315 N. Prince Street

First Presbyterian Church, 140 E. Orange Street

Lancaster County Housing & Redevelopment Authority, 202 N. Prince Street, Suite 400

First United Methodist Church, 29 E. Walnut Street

Tabor Community Services, 308 E. King Street

Congregation Shaarai Shomayim, 75 E. James Street