Together we can

We Couldn’t Do It Without You! (Why SDoL Values Volunteers)

We live in an extraordinary community that has a seemingly endless number of talents and skills to be shared. Whether you are offering students a friendly smile to start their days; or weeding your neighborhood school’s garden; or helping to read to students in the classroom; or opening up your space for before or after-school programming ; the School District of Lancaster welcomes you to share your time and expertise with our students. We know that we cannot do this work alone, but TOGETHER WE CAN. We celebrate the amazing resources our volunteers bring to our schools and students every day!

Ways to get involved

There are so many different ways you can get involved in SDoL, and we encourage parents and community members to utilize their talents and knowledge by serving as volunteers in our schools. Here are just a few examples of ways you can volunteer:

Not sure where to start?

Complete the form below and select the building in which you would like to volunteer, and we will be in touch to welcome you to our volunteer team!

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