Together we can


HOORAY! We’re so glad that you’ve decided to partner with the School District of Lancaster! To make sure you’re ready to begin, please keep reading for more information about how to apply for all necessary clearance documents, and what to do with them once you have them.

WHO needs clearances?

Under Pennsylvania law, any adults who may come into contact with children (either paid employees or unpaid volunteers) must complete comprehensive background checks and have them updated every five years.  

A volunteer is any (unpaid) adult individual who is responsible for the welfare of a child or has direct contact with children. This includes: 

  • interns
  • any adult individual who serves as a volunteer sport coach or activity advisor, or who may have direct contact with children in connection with the production or conduct of a play, concert, or other curricular, co-curricular, or extracurricular activity
  • an individual who serves as a daily, weekly, or other periodically scheduled classroom assistant
  • an individual who serves as a school-sponsored event chaperone
  • an individual who, in connection with a school-sponsored event or activity, who has direct contact with a child of whom they are not the parent or guardian

A partner is

  • fully funded in their position, through their organization
  • a member of a formal entity (non-profit, private corporation, government agencies, etc)
  • an individual or entity that provides high-quality programs/services to SDoL on a regular basis

Partners are not

  • individual volunteers
  • interns
  • researchers

WHAT does that mean for me?

Any individual in SDoL who is working with students is required to submit their clearances before beginning any services in the District. Please make sure you are aware of the differences between partners and volunteers as some clearance requirements may differ.

WHY so many steps??

We know that there are multiple steps to take to become a volunteer, but we ask that you follow all necessary processes and procedures so that we can ensure our students and staff are safe.

HOW do I start the process?

1. Apply for your clearances!

Allow plenty of time between when you apply for clearances and when you start volunteering as some of them do take a little while to come back.

Complete your Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance

Complete the Pennsylvania Criminal History Background Check

Complete the FBI Criminal History Record (fingerprinting)

**Note: FBI Codes are:

  • For volunteers: 1KG6Y3 (only if non-PA resident for the last 10 years–see below)
  • for contractors: 1KG6XN
  • For student teachers: 1KG6RT

FOR VOLUNTEERS ONLY: If you have lived in PA for the last consecutive 10 years, please complete the Volunteer Disclosure Statement. If you have not been a continuous resident of Pennsylvania for the last 10 year period, you must apply for your FBI Clearance (see above).

Print and sign Act 24 Arrest/Conviction Report

2. Log on to Safe Kids Gateway

Once you have all of your clearances ready, please log into the Safe Kids Gateway to create an account and upload all of your clearances.

Safe Kids Gateway

3. If you need it, ask for help

If you need help with this process, ask your building’s secretary for assistance or review the Safe Kids Application Process document.

Safe Kids Application Process

4. Get started volunteering!

When all of your clearances have been uploaded to Safe Kids and approved, you will receive an email notification that you have been approved to work or volunteer in the School District of Lancaster! We can’t wait to have you!!

Required clearances by partner type

Based on what type of volunteer you are, required clearances may be waved and/ or the cost of clearances may be covered. Click the tab below to learn more.

* Per Act 15, FBI (Fingerprint/Federal Criminal History) is NOT required if: 1) the volunteer has been a resident of the Commonwealth of PA during the entirety of the previous 10-year period (waiver form required)

**Volunteer Coaches may need additional documentation/training to be eligible for assisting with a certain activity. Please contact the Athletic Department <<link to Athletic Department>> for further information.