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Explore the Military Pathway

A career in the military allows students to practice public service, gain valuable skills, and secure educational benefits. Learn a bit more about the different branches of the military, how to prepare to enter a military career, and how the steps needed to enlist. McCaskey Campus is home to the Air Force Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC). This program includes 3 years of military instruction with a STEM focus on areas like aviation, national defense, and leadership. Interested in joining? Talk to your counselor today.

Find the Right Branch for You

Exploring All Military Careers

Not quite sure where to start? The US military has a comprehensive tool that guides you to careers that might be the right fit. There are thousands of careers within the military, so chances are there are a few that fit your interests.

Careers in the Military Website

Air Force

The minimum ASVAB score to enlist in the Air Force is 39. Individuals who enlist in the Air Force are automatically enrolled in the Community College of the Air Force, which enables you to earn credits towards an Associate’s degree while you serve.


Air Force Careers

Air Force Ongoing Education


The minimum ASVAB score to enlist in the Air Force is 34. The US Army is the largest and oldest military branch.

US Army Careers

Coast Guard

The minimum ASVAB score to enlist in the Coast Guard is 31. The Coast Guard protects American ports and interests within American and international waters.

Coast Guard Careers


The minimum ASVAB score to enlist in the Marines is 32. US Marines focus on combat roles and specialize in amphibious operations.

Marine Corps Careers

National Guard

Joining the National Guard enables you to work a full time civilian job and serve in the military part time. National Guard members draw earn while participating and enjoy educational benefits as well.

National Guard Careers


The minimum ASVAB score to enlist in the Marines is 35. The US Navy is America’s military force at sea with a variety of different career pathways.

Navy Careers

Space Force

The minimum ASVAB score to enlist in the Marines is 39. Space Force protects American interest in space and is the newest military branch.

Space Force Careers

Educational Benefits

Explore the educational benefits that come with military service

The GI BILL provides educational assistance to service members, veterans, and dependents. Use this tool to learn about the different educational programs you could be eligible for once you are enlisted and compare benefits by school or training program. 

  • Army National Guard & Air Force National  Guard
      • Education Assistance Program (EAP) through PHEAA
      • Covers tuition & technology fee to approved schools in PA
  • Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) in college
      • Can receive scholarships that cover tuition & some room & board
      • Graduate as a military officer 
      • 8 year service commitment after graduating as an officer (3-4 years active & 4-5 years inactive ready reserve)
  • Army Simultaneous Membership Program:
      • Those already serving in Army Reserves or National Guard can join an Army ROTC program & earn both pay & benefits in addition to the ROTC allowance 
  • Community College of the Air Force
    • All Air Force members are automatically enrolled and begin earning credits towards an associate degree in the following five career areas: Aircraft and Missile Maintenance, Electronics and Telecommunications, Allied Health, Logistics and Resources, Public and Support Service

GI Bill Educational Benefits

Preparing to Enlist

Step One: Talk to a Recruiter

Talk to a military and see if a career in the military is right for you. Contact your local military recruiter listed below to find out more information about service.

  • Air Force: Sgt. Burns
  • Army: Sgt. Ayala
  • Army National Guard: Sgt. Miller
  • Coast Guard: The closest recruiting center is in Philadelphia. You can contact that office by emailing 
  • Marines: Staff Sgt. Kenneth Wallace
  • Navy: The local Navy recruitment office is located at: 896C Plaza Blvd, Lancaster, PA 17601. You can contact the office by calling (717) 299-5600. 

Step Two: Take the ASVAB

The ASVAB is the military’s aptitude test that determines what types of jobs you are best suited for. The ASVAB is offered at McCaskey twice a year. Local recruiter offices also host the exam. Preparing for the ASVAB is vital, its a common stumbling step for students.


Step Three: Finalize Enlistment

Once you take the ASVAB exam, you will need to go to the Military Entrance Processing Station to finalize enlistment. This includes passing a physical exam and taking the oath of enlistment.

Step Four: Complete Basic and Advanced Training

Once you graduate high school you will participate in your basic and advanced training. This is the official start of your military service.