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Short Term Training

Lancaster County has a variety of different short term training programs that can enable you to earn a credential and land a job quickly. Training programs can be as short as three weeks, and some training programs accept federal Pell grants. If you’re interested in entering the workforce quickly, but entering with some skills and credentials, short term training might be the right fit for you. There are even longer term apprenticeship programs that allow you to earn while you learn, you start working right when you start classes. Explore the links below to learn about local programs.

Counselors and the Future Ready Center are available to meet with you in person or virtually to develop a postgraduation plan. Just click the link below and complete the short request form to schedule a meeting. 

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Local Short Term Training Providers

Explore the options below and see if one is a fit for you!

ABC Keystone

ABC Keystone offers registered apprenticeship programs in a variety of in demand careers. Options include carpentry, construction craft laborer, electrical, heavy equipment operator, HVAC, masonry, sheet metal, and plumbing. McCaskey students enrolled in the Building Trades CTE program may be eligible to articulate up to six months of the apprenticeship program.

ABC Keystone Apprenticeships Website

Harrisburg Area Community College

HACC offers workforce development programs in programs including CDL and forklift, information technology, contact tracing, early childhood education, health careers, manufacturing, and welding. Not all programs are offered at the Lancaster Campus, but all are available within the local region.

HACC Short Term Training Programs

Lancaster CTC

Lancaster CTC offers training programs in construction technology, heavy equipment operation, practical nursing, medical and dental assisting, CDL, welding, and manufacturing. Some programs accept federal Pell grants which can be accessed by completing the FAFSA.

Lancaster CTC Short Term Training Programs

Lancaster CTC Application

Local 520 Plumbers and Pipefitters Union

This local plumbers and pipefitters union offers an apprenticeship to train for a job in an in demand career. Applications are only accepted on site in Harrisburg.

Local 520 Plumbers and Pipefitters Union Website

Iron Workers Union

This three year apprenticeship program allows students to work earning over $19 from the start. After three years of training you can earn up to $29.31. Interested applicants must apply in person in Harrisburg.

Iron Workers Union Apprenticeship Website

Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences

Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences offers a certificate program to become a paramedic.

Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences Paramedic Program

Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences Application

Tec Centro

Tec Centro is unique in that their training programs are extremely low cost, most costing less than $50. Program waitlists can be long, so make sure you apply early. Programs include Certified Nursing Aide, dental assisting, physical office assistant, culinary arts, facilities maintenance, forklift certification, welding, and metal casting.

Tec Centro Programs

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

Thaddeus Stevens offers programs in facilities maintenance, welding, and metal casting. Some programs are as short as 3 weeks.

Thaddeus Stevens Short Term Programs

Thaddeus Stevens Short Term Programs Application

Paying for Short Term Training Programs

  • Federal Aid

    A limited number of programs allow you to utilize federal funding in the form of grants and loans. To access this funding you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

  • Lancaster Careerlink

    Lancaster Careerlink provides funding of up to $10,000 for young adults to complete state approved training programs at institutions including HACC and Thaddeus Stevens.

  • Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning

    Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning offers a no-interest loan for students enrolling in short term training programs at Lancaster CTC.

  • PA Targeted Industry Program

    The Pennsylvania Targeted Industry Program (PA-TIP) provides funding for students enrolling in high demand careers. Allowable programs of studies fall within the falling careers: advanced materials and diversified manufacturing, agriculture and food production, energy, and health.