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Exploring the Workforce Pathway

If you’ve earned industry credentials while in high school you may be equipped to enter the workforce. Keep in mind that all students can benefit from postsecondary education, so you will want to consider what training opportunities are available from your potential employer. If you haven’t earned industry credentials in high school you may want to instead consider postsecondary training opportunities. Schedule a meeting with your counselor or a member of the Future Ready Center to create a postgraduation plan. Just click the link below and complete the short request form to schedule a meeting. 

Request an Advising Meeting

Finding the Right Employer

Follow these steps to find a local employer that fits your interests, skills, and goals

Step 1: Identify Your Skills, Interests, and Goals

Start by figuring out what career you are interested in and the skills and certifications needed for that career. You can utilize the Xello platform to conduct this research. Develop career goals based on that research to see how you can not just get a job, but enter a long term career.

Xello Website

Step 2: Research Local Job Openings

Once you’ve identified your interests, skills, and goals you can move on to researching available jobs. You can find jobs online by using websites like Indeed or you can work with Lancaster Careerlink to find a job that fits you best.

Indeed Website

Lancaster Careerlink

SDOL Career Guide for Every Career Cluster

Step 3: Research the Potential Employer

Once you’ve found some job openings that interest you, you want to make sure you’re selecting an employer that helps you reach your goals. Many employers provide educational benefits that can cover the cost of future training and education. Follow the link for a running list of companies that cover the cost of postsecondary education.

Employers Offering Tuition Assistance</span>

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