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The School District of Lancaster on Aug. 13 hosted its a virtual community town hall to share information on the at home full remote learning phase of its back to school plan for the 2020-2021 school year. During the presentation, a panel of administrators responded to more than 100 public questions. (We did not get to another 50 or so, but we will update this Q&A on Monday with those answers, as well.)

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The Q&A is provided below. Use the search tool to find specific answers to questions you may have. Please note: These questions were submitted by viewers and answered rapidly by staff. Please forgive spelling or grammatical errors!

1will the extra week be added to the end of the school year?We are working on the full calendar to see if we can make up the days within the existing end date. We still need to have 180 days of school.
2Whats gonna happen to kids that can't be present via zoom due to parents working first shift? Are they going to be penalized? Do you guys have a plan for thatj yet?Teachers will make sure students who miss synchronous class can make up the time and the lesson. It will be important for parents to stay in touch with teachers and counselors for any situations that the teacher should be aware of.
3If a student needs help how will they get it during this timeTeachers will post office hours and will be able to answer questions during synchronous time.
4virtual learning is 6 hours per day for kindergarten?Yes, but as Dr. Rau is explaining, only a portion of that time will be on a computer. Teachers will provide other activities and learning experiences for students during the day, as well.
5what about children in life skills programs and other special education learningStudent schedules will mirror the district schedule. However, all instructional decisions/services will be delivered per the student's IEP.
6How will students ask questions in asynchronous timeTeachers will have a system for students to ask questions and get assistance. Teachers will let students know when the teacher's office hours will occur. Teachers can answer questions via e mail or through questions student may add to Schoology or See Saw, for example.
7When will hybrid model be re-evaluated as an option?Our goal is to implement the hybrid option as soon as it is reasonably safe. We are monitoring a number of health and educational metrics to determine the right time. We will also give families as much notice as possible before shifting to hybrid.
8will we need normal school supplies in virtual settings?More information about supplies will be forthcoming. We are working on student supplies. We envision supplies can be distributed at each school, for example, during an Open House or orientation.
9My son joined ROTC, how will that fit in to his learning schedule?The JROTC program will be virtual as part of the student's schedule.
10What will the day look like for HS students? for MS students? for elementary students? How will those synchronous minutes be spread out throughout the day?Check your mail for more information. Elementary schools sent homeroom teacher assignments today. Schedules for middle and high school students will be mailed soon, adn should arrive next week.
12How will students with 504 plans be accommodated?Please contact your building principal to review your child's 504 plan to ensure the necessary acommodations are met.
13If the children at going to a day care during the day how can you take attendance since the day care provider will not be responsible for them loging into their ipod?Attendance will be a function of participating in the syncronous learning opportunities and completing assignments online.
14Will the synchronus schedule be clearly laid out ahead of time?Yes. Schedules will be mailed out within the next few days.
15Will the kids be getting workbooks sent from school?Students will recieve a variety of materials, based on grade level. Dr. Rau just outlined some samples of these materials.
16are all teachers going to be using the same platform such as seesaw?Secondary teachers use Schoology, and elementary teachers use See Saw.
17if any student needs extra help, would there be titors available to help?Although not yet finalized, part of our future plans include working on tutoring options.
18When will these supplies be given to the the parents?Expect information from your school. Most likely, supplies will need to be picked up by parents, as Dr. Rau stated.
19What platforms will students be using for virtual assignments? SeeSaw for elementary again?Yes, Schoology for secondary, See Saw for elementary.
20Will we be discussing child care for those who need it or potentially reimbursement for child care/supplies for the year that would normally be provided by the district? will any additional tutoring be available for students who have experienced the "summer slide"and have fallen behidn with COVID?Childcare options will be provided by community agencies. For example, Lancaster Rec will be providing full-day onsite childcare within our buildings. Availability is limited for this program. In addtion, we are reaching out to all of our partners to put together a comprehensive list of childcare resources for parents/guardians.

Tutoring programs will be forthcoming once we confirm the virtual reopening plan.

The District will not be reimbursing childcare costs to families.
21Are there any expactions on parents to understand/research apps/programs used before the start of school? Seesaw and others have been mentioned a number of times already… I, as I am sure others, have no experience with these. Or, will the teacher/someone else reach out?Your child's teacher will provide more specific information. However, we have a number of resources outlined on the instructional technology page of our website. You may want to visit our FAQ pages for more information:
22How do we know that student won’t cheat with google or Siri??

Will there be a curve for time sensitive work, due to the absence of on hand professionals??

Can we encourage our children to use internet resources to complete their work, due to the absence of professional teaching instructors??
We know students will have access to many online tools. We also know that with remote learning, parents and teachers will need to remind students about the importance of learning and academic integrity.
23Do k grade get iPads yes or no as we have not heard from the school about back pack with supplies or ipadYes, kindergarten students receive iPads. You can view a full schedule of distribution here:
24When will assignments be due? Daily? Weekly? And if daily, will it be later in the night so that working parents can help if needed.Due dates for assignments will be dependent on the teacher, just like during face to face instruction. We have encouraged our teachers to be flexible and understanding that students may have some challenges due to the remote schedule.
25Will secondary students need a zoom account, or will they be participating in live classes via Schoology?Teachers will set up Zoom class meetings, and post the links for students to access classes.
27Thank you for taking the safety of everyone into considerationOur pleasure. Thank you for the feedback.
28What are my options if I still do not feel it is safe for my children to return to in class instruction at the time the SDOL decides its safe to return?If you are not sure you will be comfortable at that time, we suggest you enroll in our Cyber Pathways Academy now, so that your children have a consistent teacher for the full year. Complete the form on this page and you will receive an application:
29I’m working on getting my girls into the same school why is it that my youngest who will be in k4 has options on which school to attend my oldest whose going in kindergarten does not? I am a full time worker and can’t afford to take my kids to two different school my oldest is enrolled in wickersham but my youngest only got accepted into king school is there anything I can do to get them into the same school?K4 programs are limited based on availability within certain schools. Every school does not have a K4 class. Please contact the Office of Student Services @ 717-291-6165 to better understand your situation. Thank you.
30how can we ensure safety for children within churches/buisiness operations for childcare when we can't accomodate them safely in our school buidlings?This would be a parent/guardian decision on whether they feel the non-district facility is appropriate for the child.
32where can i access these townhall and cyber pathways academy recordings? ive missed most meetings...thanks in advanceYou can see the first two info sessions here: We also posted the full Q&A from these sessions in our news section: The third session will be posted soon.
33So Chromebooks will be distributed? To which grades?Chromebooks are only for the use in our Cyber Pathways Academy program. All other students receive an iPad w/the exception of K4.
34Will Pre-K students get IpadsiPads will not be issued to Pre-K students at this time. They will be provided with age appropriate materials, manipulatives, and resources.
35What will happen if a child won’t be able to do the synchronized teaching? Due to parents being at workTeachers will make sure students who miss synchronous class can make up the time and the lesson. It will be important for parents to stay in touch with teachers and counselors for any situations that the teacher should be aware of.
36if I didn't receive some of the items in the packet that was on the list, how do I go about getting them?If you need assistance, please contact your child's school.
37how can I get my son reenrolled in counseling?Please contact your child's school. The staff there can help you get connected.
38Last year Reynolds did not have a full staff which left some students to participate in classes without teachers. How will you endure all subjects are covered if these positions have not yet been filled?live answered
39I'm a new student and am not yet enrolled. How would I choose my classes?Please contact our enrollment office at the link below:
41Thank you for all your hard work to keep our students and families safe while also taking into consideration the best way to continue educating. It is not lost on many parents how difficult these decisions have been. I am thankful we live in this District!Our pleasure...thank you for the feedback.
42what will an online learning day look like for Highschool kids? Will they have all classes everyday?Syncronous learning will be 4 days per week (M,T,TH,F). Wednesday will be an Asyncronous day for students to complete work independently.
43Will schedules be sentYes, schedules will be sent next week.
44Is it possible to have food distributions at each school, especially for families with transportation challenges?We will continue the same 5 distribution sites we have used throughout the virtual learning period. Once we move to a Hybrid opening, we will revert back to full site distribution.
45will there be a special ed meeting?Yes, please check the website for upcoming dates and times.
46Will a synchronus schedule be clearly laid out for students?Yes
47How will learning support be offered for those who have an IEP?General education and special education will be planning together to ensure student needs (IEP's) are being met
49If we are still using a virtual format through the first marking period, can we have a virtual meeting with teachers to discuss how our child/children is/are doing?Yes. Conferences and other feedback opportunities will be available for parents/stuents with their teacher.
50When need be we were grabbing meals for our daughter will be entering k4 this year will we be able to get meals for her as well, will she be given a student # and will all their supplies be sent out or will there be a pick up schedule for that as well?Yes, your child will get an ID number. Schools will contact parents regarding supplies
52for the meals, do we go to our home school or the school that is assigned to my son?Meals are only distibuted at 5 locations during the virtual learning period.
54Thank you for this information and all your hard work! I am hopeful that our community will continue to pull together to assist working parents in providing care during the day. Thank you Dr. Rau for reaching out to so many partners!Thank you for your understanding, cooperation and support!
55When going into Low phase, will the entire class be notified that there is a student that has Covid-19? I was told that only children directly in contact with the student will be notified. When LGH does contract tracing they take into consideration anyone in contact with that person for more than 5 mins. So will the teacher be quarantined as well?We will follow recommendations from the Department of Health, which handles these on a case-by-case basis. Yes, if recommended, we will notify parents and quarantine, as directed.
56if the covid cases go down a few weeks into 1st quarter..will you start bringing kids back at that time or wait until 2nd quarterThis will be a school board decision. We will give parents as much notice as possible if and when the board decides to move to a new model.
58If we went letters for cyberschool to let them know we decided to do virtual we are still apart of the schoolIf you enrolled in the Cyber Pathways Academy, you may remain there for a full year of online learning. If you are comfortable possibly sending your child back to the classroom, you may wish to start the year in virtual with your child's classroom teacher.
59Will the teaching lessons be live or recorded?Most lessons will be live, but also recorded so students can access at another time.
60Will ParentVue be updated in a timely manner?Yes...this has been a priority for us to have up and running in the next few days.
61What about the parents who can't afford internet?Please see the link below for opportunities to get internet.
63How will things work with gifted students?General Education and Gifted Facilitators will be collaborating to ensure stiudent GIEP's are met.
64Hello to everyone. Few questions please. 1. Will we get feedback from teacher with regards to the grades and standing of our children?
2. Is the school going to provide laptop/iPad?
3. Will we be given the email add of the teachers?
Teachers are expected to hold office hours on a weekly basis. There are opportunities to connect about your child's progress. The school will also communicate the best way to get in contact with the teacher.

Students in grades K to 12 will recieve a device through their school building.
68I missed first part of this presentation how do I access the the recording?We will post the recording and the Q&A on our website tomorrow.
69How will HS hands on electives be taught and graded. Such as Ceramics and photography?The teacher will modify the assignments to be applied in a virtual setting.
70Do the class sizes with respect to number of students remain the same as they would be if there was no pandemic?Yes...we maintain an average of 25 students to 1 teacher across the District.
74My 12 th grader is signed up for cyber academy. Will her instructions and understandings be different then this?Cyber is a different program. More information should be coming to you from that program.
77Children that has extra support; will there class assignments will be modify to the child’s needs?If your child has an IEP, Special Education teachers will be working to help students. Check our district website for information on the Special Education Town Hall meetings.
79When is the device be given?The schedule of device distribution is available here:
80Will all meetings and instruction be recorded?It is our intent that all synchronous sessions are recorded.
81Is there any guidance for the Parent Teacher organizations?Please provide more specificity on your question.
82If my child needs to be evaluated for an IEP, will they be able to be evaluated?Yes, please contact your child's school.
83Would there by any assistance for internet cost?Please visit the web address below:
85Some districts are requiring students to wear their uniforms, will this be the case?Not during online learning. However, uniforms will be required when we return to in person learning. Thank you.
86Can you show the slide that had "supply kits". I missed it and would like to screen shot itThis is a just sample of the types of supplies we are considering. You can see a draft list in the board presentation as well.
87No school on wednesdays?There will not be synchonous instruction, but students will need to complete asynchronous work and possibly engage with teachers for additional support.
88Will students be expected to be online a full day?No. The total minutes students are expected to be online will vary by their grade level. The daily schedule will include online synchonous time and opportunities to engage in other type of instructional work.
89Will the gifted class be part of synchronous learning in the middle school?There should be oppportunities for both synchronous and asynchronous learning.
91What would hapen if at 8:30 school starts but my children are at day care since I start work at 6 am?Teachers will make sure students who miss synchronous class can make up the time and the lesson. It will be important for parents to stay in touch with teachers and counselors for any situations that the teacher should be aware of.
92Will art, music, PE, etc. still be part of the students’ day? Or will it only be instruction from the classroom teacher?Specials will be provided by the music, art, PE teachers.
93Hi, I joined in late. Will this webinar be uploaded anywhere to view later?The session is being recorded and will be available from the district webpage.
94For students who are participating in Summer Enrichment and currently have iPads, do they keep the iPads they currently have or do they need to be exchanged/ updated?They will keep their iPads. Please contact your school to determine if you need to still register your device.
95Are there long term plans if this continues past the current target??Yes. The District will continue to explore best practices to engage students and families if the pandemic continues. We will communicate to families/students as plans develop.
96Will students need to wear their uniforms?Not during online learning. However, when we return to learning in the school building, students will be required to wear uniforms. Thank you.
98Thank you so much.We know this is hard for parents. Thanks for your kind words!
99cyber pathways is offering to reimburse for internet services will the school district do the sameSDoL will not reimburse for internet. We do have information to access low cost internet available on our website.
100What's gonna happen with SDOL employees that also have kids in the same school district?We are working on a number of options for staff who need accomodations.
102sorry I meant if we let cyber know we don't want to continue with cyber we are still enrolled in our normal school?Yes, if you were not fully enrolled in Cyber, you are still in your home school. Make sure you receive a schedule in the coming days.
103Will students’ grades and progress be tracked in Schoology or in Parent Vue/Student Vue? It seemed that last school year these systems often did not sync/communicate.Grades should be kept in Parent Vue/Student Vue.
106Will they still be able to get books from the school library?Not at this time. We will add this to our list of concerns.
108I am an essential employee at a medical office. My child's daycare will not be able to support him during the syncranous instruction during the day while I am working. Will I be able to help him complete his instruction at another time? He will be in kindergarten. How is the district taking this into consideration? If unable to do so I am afraid I will have to unenroll him. I would like him to be able to participate as much as possible but afraid this will make it impossible.Please contact your school counselor.
109How is attendance taken?Attendance will be taken for synchronous learning time as well as for work completion during asynchronous learning time.
113Do the iPads already have zoom installed on them?Yes
115Last year there seemed to be several IT issues related to moving to a new system, I believe it was called Synergy, causing inconsistencies in where to find the most up to date grade. Have those been resolved?Yes...we have made many enhancements to the system to better serve our students and families.
116Will the Lancaster Rec be running their programs in the district school buildings?Yes.
118Is there a mask policy for the child care places working through the district?The Governor has mandated mask wearing guidelines, therefore non-district facilities should be following these protocols.
120Are teachers going to be teaching from their classroom virtually for the students or have accesss to their classrooms during the virtual learning?Yes, teachers can teach virtually from their classrooms.
121If the class sizes are at full capacity in the virtual world will they then be cut back once we go to hybrid? will that affect the assigned teachers?No, but in the hybrid model, students from the same "class" will be divided into cohorts, like AM/PM or Mon-Tue/Thu-Fri. They will remain this with their teachers.
122Will district calendars be going out this year?Unfortunately, no. There have been and continue to be too many changes to print an accurate calendar. Please refer to our website calendar for our current event schedule:
124Will elementary students be on Monday through Friday? Will each teacher dictate start of day time?Students will have syncronous learning, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday will be Asyncronous or independent learning. Teachers will dictate the times for synchronous learning.
127Wen kids go back will the school provide masks for those who don't have any or forget thiers ?Yes. We will provide masks.
129I looked up Schoology on my son's iPad and it said Schoology isn't ready yet. Do we know when?It will be ready prior to the first day of school (August 31).
136Are the schools fully sterilized during the months the schools were closed? When hybrid learning or full contact returns, how often is the building going to get sterilized?Yes...we have increased our custodial staff by 20% to ensure schools are clean and safe.
137Cuando sabemos que maestro les van a dar clases a los niños de k-4Le comunicaremos la próxima semana.
140Will masks be required in the building when school comes back?Yes, for students and staff.
142Thank you, Dr. Rau, for championing the needs of Lancaster city's children and families through all of this. You deserve the full, unquestioning support of the board of directors.Thank you for your understanding and support!
143Will teachers be teaching from their homes or classrooms?Teachers will be primarily teaching from their classrooms. However, some teachers may be teaching from home.
144Am I correct in understanding that there is no synchronous learning on Wednesdays?Yes. However, there may be meetings with teachers and other professionals.