SDoL COVID-19 Dashboard

All confirmed cases of COVID-19 in SDoL schools are tallied on a public dashboard. Click the link below to view.

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COVID-19 dashboard shows cases by SDoL school

The School District of Lancaster is publishing data on all COVID-19 cases in its schools on a public dashboard.

The dashboard reports all “active” cases, which means individuals who have tested positive in the past 14 days, broken down by staff and students. It also tallies historic cases, which includes active cases and all other cases that have been resolved since September 16. The first students return to in-person instruction on Sept. 21. The dashboard is updated daily.

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Please note: The dashboard includes cases where the infected individual had no contact with staff and/or students. In these cases, there was no affected staff or families to notify.

The district will continue to provide COVID alerts to school communities when an individual tests positive for COVID-19.

“We are grateful that our staff and families are being vigilant in reporting symptoms and staying home from school to prevent the spread of illness,” superintendent Dr. Damaris Rau wrote to families in an email. “However, we are aware that misinformation and rumors can arise when an individual presents symptoms of illness, but is not diagnosed with COVID-19. Please do not make assumptions when individuals are absent from school.”