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SDoL offers updates, future vision for its equity work

“We can’t lead where we won’t go.”

That’s the motto of what the School District of Lancaster calls its “equity journey,” a comprehensive analysis of school programs, resources and environments to ensure the district is meeting its mission that every child receives an excellent education and is academically and emotionally prepared to enter college and the workforce. The district highlighted its work over the past three years and its future plans in its first equity town hall on Wednesday for families and community.

The deep equity framework has three big ideas: cultural competence, culturally responsive teaching, and achievement.

  • Cultural Competence—the skill and will to form authentic relationships across differences.
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching—instruction and how it impacts students across all their dimensions of identity.
  • Academic Achievement—how students are showing up and engaged cognitively, behaviorally, and emotionally. Academic achievement is interdependent on student citizenship and how they serve each other and their community.

Centered on creating authentic and caring relationships, the deep equity framework connects students, families, and staff to be a collective community of learners. You can share your thoughts on equity in the School District of Lancaster at the link below.

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To learn more about the deep equity work happening in SDoL, you can view the Town Hall below. We look forward incorporating more opportunities to share SDoL’s equity journey.