SDoL Back to School 2020 Plan

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Back to School Plan
Athletic Hall of Fame


1. Name: J.P. McCaskey Athletic Hall of Fame

2. Mission Statement: The purpose of the J. P. McCaskey Athletic Hall of Fame (JPMAHF) is to honor, recognize and celebrate those individuals who, through their participation, guidance and support, have made outstanding contributions to J. P. McCaskey athletics.

3. Committee Purpose:

a. Solicit and review nominations for election into the JPMAHF

b. Select (elect) inductees to the JPMAHF

c. Organize and conduct induction ceremonies

4. Committee Membership: The committee will consist of eight voting members comprised of but not limited to, alumni, faculty (current and/or retired), coaches (current and/or retired), the current athletic director and any other person playing an integral part in athletics in the School District of Lancaster.

5. Meetings: A minimum of one per year will be held to select (elect) inductees, however, additional meetings will be held throughout the year as business dictates.

6. Eligibility:

a. A person will be considered eligible for nomination to the JPMAHF if he or she belongs to one of the following three areas:

1. Athlete

2. Coach

3. Friends of Athletics

b. The individual nominated must be removed from either participating as an athlete or coaching at J.P. McCaskey for at least five years; friends of athletics do not fall under this criteria.

7. Nominations: Nominations will be accepted from any source, including members of the committee, faculty, administration, coaches (current and/or retired), alumni and the general public.

8. Selection and Election:

a. The committee members will, as a group, review all the nomination forms and compile a list of candidates through a group selection process.

b. From the list of candidates, each committee member will vote for 10 inductees and rank them from one to 10. The number one candidate will receive 10 points, number two will receive nine points, number three will receive eight points and so on down to number 10 who will receive one point.

c. The athletic director/designated individual will total all the candidates’ points from each of the eight committee members’ ballots and provide back to the committee only the names of the final selections to be inducted into the JPMAHF.

9. Honors and Awards:  

a. The honorees will be officially inducted into the JPMAHF at an induction ceremony to be held prior to the homecoming football game and will be recognized at halftime of the football game.

b. In recognition, each inductee will receive a personalized plaque commemorating their induction and accomplishments and a lifetime pass to all athletic events at J. P. McCaskey.

c. The induction class will consist of the top five candidates (including any ties).

10. General Details:

a. The timing for soliciting nominees, selection of candidates, voting on inductees, informing inductees of selection by formal letter, and time of ceremonies shall be established by the committee in consultation with the Athletic Director/Designated Individual.

b. Any exceptions or changes to this document shall require a two-thirds majority vote of the membership of the committee.