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The importance of world language

In the School District of Lancaster, we believe that the teaching of World Languages provides students the opportunity to gain a global perspective as they enter college and the workforce.  We believe that learning a language and the cultures associated with that language teaches students about the diversity of the world and prepares them to enter college or the workforce prepared to work on a global arena.

Opportunities for our students

World Languages are an essential component of a students’ education.  Therefore, we provide opportunities to learn Spanish, French and German on the McCaskey High School Campus.

Our students have the opportunity to deepen their learning of these languages and cultures through Advanced Placement courses and courses that lead to an International Baccalaureate certificate or diploma.


We provide all middle school students with a foundation for learning languages by providing Spanish to all of our students in middle school.  By providing our students with Spanish language and culture classes in middle school, we open the door for students to take their language learning to higher levels as they enter high school.