Devices and Privacy

The District provides its users with access to the Internet, including web sites, resources, content, and online tools. That access will be restricted in compliance with CIPA regulations and school policies. Web browsing may be monitored and web activity records may be retained indefinitely. The School District of Lancaster Acceptable Use Board Policy outlines the use of technology devices by students and staff.

To read Policy 815 – Acceptable Use Policy in its entirety, click here.

Apple Privacy – Apple services and apps for education are built with the same integrated approach to privacy that’s fundamental to the design of all Apple hardware, software, and services.

Google for Education – Students in the School District of Lancaster are assigned Google for Education addresses. Email is disabled. All communication and usage of the Google account is subject to any associated board policies.

All iPads are school property. All users will follow SDoL procedures, acceptable use guidelines, and District policies. Users assume that none of their data is private or confidential. Any communication or data may be subject to review by network or school administration.