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iPads in Middle School

The 1:1 program is based on our SDoL Technology Plan, which is a commitment to empowering creative digital learning in the School District of Lancaster.  We believe that in order for our student to be successful in careers, in college, and as productive citizens, we need to ensure that our students have access to the digital resources that they need to succeed.  We believe that this program allows students to engage in experiences that will extend their educational experiences. Currently all middle school students receive an iPad to use during the school day. iPads are not for at home use at this time.

Middle School will use iPads for:

  • Accessing Schoology to complete assignments, collaborate with peers, and engage in learning activities.
  • Learning utilizing Apple Apps, which utilize a secure, managed Apple ID:
    • Pages to create newsletters, books, reports, resumes, letters, flyers, etc.
    • Keynote to create interactive, multimedia presentations.
    • Numbers to analyze sets of data and make predictions based upon the data, create project timelines, and showcase project progression.
    • iMovie and Clips to create movies and/or trailers to showcase content understanding.
    • GarageBand to create original musical compositions and voice recordings to add to online literacy or language portfolios.
  • The ability to engage in learning utilizing the G Suite for Education through use of a account.
    • Collaborate with peers and receive instant feedback from teachers and/or classmates in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.
    • Collect and analyze data in Google Forms and Sheets.
    • Utilize unlimited storage in Google Drive, which allows students to create and save work, access the files on any device, and share them instantly.​​​​​​​

Secondary iPad FAQs