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Cyber Pathways Academy

Secondary Pathways (Grades 6-12)

Our Secondary Pathways are for students in grades six through 12. In these grades, Academy students have more autonomy to guide their learning. This flexibility allows SDoL to offer many unique learning experiences to meet students where they are in life.

Full Time

Full-time Cyber Pathways students take four or more courses online instead of in their home school building. On this path, students need strong self-direction or parent/guardian support to progress through the course material at home. Students can expect to log in for approximately six hours of work per day.

Full time students take advantage of the flexible program to pursue things like work, child or family care and intense personal training, such as gymnastics or music.

Advanced Credit/Blended

Many students use Cyber Pathways to accelerate their learning and add advance credits. In the blended model, students can access courses on their own time that they cannot fit into their schedule (primarily at McCaskey), freeing up time in the school day to pursue electives such as art, music or engineering.

In fact, Secondary Pathways even offers access to McCaskey’s highly-regarded International Baccalaureate courses as well as AP.

Credit Recovery

Credit recovery students may have previously failed a course and were recommended for an online recovery course by their school counselor. These courses are condensed into two parts and provide a free opportunity for students to meet graduation requirements. Online recovery courses are made up on the student’s time at home with internet access and/or during the After-School Tutoring Program. Credit Recovery is only available for high school courses.