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Together we can

Future Ready Center

Students need significant supports to make their postgraduation dreams a reality. To ensure students meet their goals, McCaskey Campus operates a Future Ready Center at JP and McCaskey East. Staff organize college and career visits, assist students with the college application process, and even support students after graduation.

Individual Advising and Support

The Future Ready Center staff works tirelessly to support individual students and help them achieve their postgraduation goals. Staff are available to help students find jobs, create resumes, apply for colleges, and secure financial aid. Students and parents can schedule an appointment by calling McCaskey Campus and asking for the Future Ready Center.

Financial Aid

Navigating the financial aid process is extremely difficult for students, especially those living in poverty. The Future Ready Center works in collaboration with school counselors to guide students through the federal and state financial aid process. Staff also work directly with students on scholarship applications and ensure students make financially viable choices for their postsecondary education.

College and Career Visits

The Future Ready Center offers free college and career visits throughout the entire school year. Trips are open to all students, and include visits to regional colleges and businesses. Visits are a great chance to determine if a specific college or career are a good fit.

Career Counseling

Career counseling is available to juniors and seniors unsure of their plans after graduation or who need help navigating the path to their goals. Skills and interest assessments, career tours, educational exploration and the potential for paid internships are available. This program is provided free of charge by PA Careerlink of Lancaster County and based at the McCaskey Campus. For more information contact Deborah Halsey at

Next Steps Parent and Student Workshops

Parents play a key role in helping students plan for the future. In order to engage parents in the postgraduation planning process, the Future Ready Center offers several annual workshops. These workshops are open to students and parents from throughout the district. You can find upcoming workshops listed on the calendar below.